Statement of Values

Ogden Newspapers Inc. ëƵ Celebrating Our People and Our Communities

To our communities …

We will be a positive force in our communities by providing fair, accurate and balanced information, chronicling the latest news, sports, human-interest stories and other items of local interest. Our goal is to strengthen our communities through a principled philosophy that requires us to be part of the solution to improving life in our towns.

We will show honest and insightful leadership on the issues affecting our neighbors, advocating for and otherwise supporting policies and practices that make our communities safer, more equitable, more welcoming and more prosperous, and calling for accountability for those who work against those goals.

We will provide a forum for open and honest dialogue on the issues most pressing to our communities. We will use our voice and also the voices of our friends and neighbors to help our local elected leaders forge a path toward a brighter future.

We will act as good-faith partners to community leaders and groups that aim to make our region a better place to live, work, play, and visit. We will celebrate our communityëƵs unique strengths while also working to improve our understanding of underserved or under-resourced segments of our population.

We will act with integrity to our business partners, providing fair, courteous, quality, trustworthy service that allows them to succeed by sharing their message with the community in both print and digital formats.

To our readers and supporters ëƵ

With a community-first focus, we will produce fair, accurate, and engaging news, sports and feature content that allows our readers to make informed decisions on how best to engage with their communities.

We will provide an accurate and timely accounting of the goings-on of local government, holding those in positions of power to account for their actions while also supporting them in decisions that improve life for our residents.

We will champion our local sports teams, telling the individual stories of players and coaches both on and off the field.

We will chronicle local history as it happens so future generations can better understand their communityëƵs past.

We will provide a positive, user-friendly experience with both our print and digital products, using data and our own editorial judgement derived from decades of coverage of our communities to curate a news report that gives readers both what they want to know and what they need to know.

We hold ourselves to the highest standard of accuracy and fairness in our reporting. If we fall short in any of these areas, we will address them and set the record straight.

To our employees ëƵ

We will maintain a professional, fair, safe workplace that values our employeesëƵ contributions to our mission and respects their role within our company.

We will provide our employees the support and resources they need to help them accomplish their tasks, expand their skillsets, and pursue the opportunities that match their talents. We will provide the time and resources necessary for professional growth and advancement for those interested in taking the next step in their careers.

We will provide clear and consistent expectations for all staff based on personal observations and data; we will work daily with employees to ensure those expectations are being met.

We understand and respect the importance of family, and will help our employees attain a meaningful work-life balance that allows them to give their best in all they do, at all times.

As a community newspaper, we also will support employees as they work to make their communities better through service groups, volunteer efforts and other measures that add to a vibrant community. Our employees live and raise their families in their communities, they work in the their communities and they contribute to the well-being of their communities, and our goal is to ensure we do all we can to assist them in these endeavors.

Starting at $4.79/week.